How to Flirt with Cam Girls (The Right Way)

By February 11, 2017 Adult Entertainment, Popular

How to Flirt with Cam Girls (The Right Way)
So you’ve found a girl you like on a live cams site…

She’s hot, sexy, attractive, and you want to flirt with her, but how do you do that in a way that will elicit a positive response? Well, we’ve created a method that will make flirting with cam girls a walk in the park!

It’s called “The Attraction Method”, and it follows a few simple guidelines:

  1. Be attractive in the way you speak by thinking of how your comments come across to her.
  2. Be confident in your manner, but not to the point where you become rude or even creepy.

We’ve broken our method down into 5 important steps that will have you flirting with babes the right way quickly!

1. Give a Compliment

make her smile
Whether you think a cam girl is either cute, sexy, funny or beautiful, it’s always important to compliment her in your own confident, flirty way. But don’t go so far that your words come across as creepy or desperate sounding!

Doing this sets you apart from the rest of guys who give shallow compliments, while also letting her know that you took the time to make your compliment unique and special to her.

Example: “Wow, I think you’re the most attractive woman on this site! I’m so glad I joined your chat room.”

Try to make it sound like you’ve put genuine effort into comments and you’ll get a smile out of her with ease!

2. Start The Conversation

start conversation
Now that you’ve gotten that smile, things will become much more comfortable and you can really start flirting. Try expressing your funny side or initiating a conversation with a question or two.

Once you’ve warmed up to each other, it’s a good idea to send a tip her way, which we go over in the next section.

Example: “Tip: 50 credits. I’m having such a great time chatting with you. You’re actually brightening up my day!”

Hint: Using emojis is a great way to get the flirting going! They’re a fun way to communicate, especially if a chat room has any unique ones. Try using them in addition to your flirting tactics to make your conversations more personal. However, don’t go overboard because using too many emojis can get annoying fast!

3. Send a Tip

One of the best and most easy ways to seduce a cam girl is to tip her! It doesn’t have to be a lot, but tips can go a long way in letting someone know you appreciate their time and what they do for you.

Whether you’re asking a cam girl to do something sexual or you just simply enjoy talking to her, it’s important to send some love! This is hands down the easiest method to get on her good side, and things only become easier and more comfortable from there.

4. Actively Talk in Chat Rooms

actively talk
To put it simply, the differences between live cams and traditional adult videos is the interaction you get to have with a broadcaster. Stay active in a cam girls public chat room, and become a user that consistently shows up when she gets online. Soon enough, they’ll be as happy to see you as you are to see her!

And remember, your conversations shouldn’t always be a constant stream of flirting back-and-forth. In fact, just talking about “whatever” makes you as a partner seem a lot more compatible overall.

Lastly, you should choose one of the best adult chat rooms to meet cam girls. To set yourself up for success you need to have a good platform as a strong base. Browse this list on the Top 5 Sex Cams Sites to Chat Online!

5. Make Friends With Regulars

make friends
Every cam girl will have a group of regular users that also consistently watch and chat with them. There’s no getting around this and you’re basically forced to play well with others if you want to get on her good side.

Becoming a regular yourself will build trust, and it brings the two of you closer together. Making an effort to be friendly with others could also eventually lead to becoming a moderator for her chat room!

Now get out there and start chatting!

get out start chatting
Overall, flirting should feel a lot more natural once you follow these steps.

Don’t forget about The Attraction Method, and remember to be confident in what you say, while not crossing that line to creepiness or flat out rudeness. Just have fun with it, be friendly, and always tip when you can!

You’ve got the guidelines on how to properly flirt with a cam girl, now it’s time to go out there and try it! Pick out a platform to watch cams from our list of 5 Free Cams Sites with No Registration Required.

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