5 of the Sexiest Streamers on Twitch.tv

By August 8, 2016 Social Media

5 of the Sexiest Streamers on Twitch

With Twitch.tv‘s explosion in popularity of streaming games online, an entire subculture of entertainment has evolved on their platform.

When hundreds of people are all playing the same games live, something needs to set apart the best streams from the worst. To put it simply, some of the most popular live streamers on Twitch have built their viewerships based off of other factors than having actual immersive gameplay.

This article is going to go over a few popular Twitch broadcasters who have entertaining streams, but here’s the catch: we’re going to be talking about 5 of those streamers who are downright sexy.

It’s common for broadcasters on Twitch to stream with their webcams on, so when they’re both entertaining and a sight for sore eyes, it’s a recipe for a great show. In fact, a few of the most attractive female broadcasters on Twitch have even done Playboy photoshoots!

So have we got your attention now? Let’s get started!

1. LegendaryLea

Anyone who’s been on Twitch in the last five years knows LegendaryLea. This girl is infamous for a number of things, but let’s look at some quick facts first.

LegendaryLea rose to fame with her drunken antics, sexy personality on stream, and gaining publicity from drama. These key factors combined with being consistent, treating her broadcasting as a full-time job, and tossing in a bit of accidental nudity has skyrocketed her total viewership into the millions.

However, she does commit to the gaming grind like many other full-time streamers though. On her channel, you’ll find primarily Hearthstone or World of Warcraft content, random indie Steam games, and an occasional charity stream. So despite the controversy that often surrounds her, LegendaryLea pretty much earns her keep.

Extra: Lea’s successful and sexy-themed stream attracted Playboy to reach out to her to do a photoshoot!

You can find Lea’s Playboy spotlight here.

2. KittyPlays

KittyPlays is one of the most well-known female streamers on Twitch. Let’s go over her stats.

KittyPlays has built up a massive following on Instagram, and she’s done it all while being incredibly sexy. Her gaming channel on Twitch primarily features Counter Strike and other random games like Agar.io. She has been streaming full-time for years, and her viewership is well into the millions. When it comes to female streamers on Twitch, KittyPlays has one of the most impressive and sexy channels!

Extras: Some of her most famous moments are when she receives massive donations and begins freaking out. Additionally, she has also been invited to do a sexy photoshoot for Playboy, which you can see here.

3. Kaceytron

There are tons of trolls on Twitch, but Kaceytron is definitely one of the sexiest.

Kaceytron isn’t your average internet troll; she is actually quite clever and is able to get a rise out of people in a harmless fashion. This natural personality trait is definitely what makes her stream entertaining and unique.

Her signature daily outfit always consists of wearing sexy glasses and showing off her alluring cleavage. In fact, all it takes is one look at Kaceytron and you’ll know exactly why she made our list of sexy twitch streamers!

When she’s not playing League of Legends, you’ll most likely find her under the IRL section hosting a cam show. The combination of her sarcastic attitude, Twitter comments, and talk shows pretty much lets her be involved in all Twitch drama, which is exactly what keeps her relevant!

4. Mira

Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, Mira is the epitome of eastern beauty.

  • Stream Link: Twitch.tv/Mira
  • Followers: 140,000+
  • Total Views: 4,800,000+
  • Fun Fact: Top-ranked player in Hearthstone.

Mira hasn’t been streaming for quite as long as some of the other broadcasters who made our list, but the fact that she hasn’t speaks volumes. In addition to being a top-ranked Hearthstone player, her stream is a party where her attractive looks only compliment the entertainment it provides.

Her initial success came along with her Hearthstone popularity, but her viewership recently blew up when she started dating the incredibly popular streamer, Mitch Jones. If Mira hadn’t already been a successful broadcaster, the publicity from this match made in heaven definitely solidified her mark on Twitch.

If you’re looking for a Twitch streamer that’s sexy, entertaining, a gigantic troll, and is the center of quite a bit of drama, then we highly suggest checking out Mira’s channel.

5. Sonii

(Guys can be sexy too!)

  • Stream Link: Twitch.tv/Sonii
  • Followers: 35,000+
  • Total Views: 1,000,000+
  • Fun Fact: Part-time actor in addition to being a Twitch streamer.

So how exactly has Sonii claimed his fame? Aside from being a top Warrior in World of Warcraft, and being close friends with huge streamers Reckful and Mitch Jones, most people know Sonii because he’s so good-looking!

If you’re around the community long enough, you’ll find that there’s an ongoing joke about how he’s the most attractive man on Twitch, and to be frank it’s hard to argue with that. When he isn’t streaming, this guy is an aspiring actor living out in California. In our opinion, Hollywood would be silly not to snatch his handsome mug up!

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