5 Dirty Talk Lines to Spice up Cybersex

By November 1, 2017 Adult Entertainment

5 Dirty Talk Lines to Spice up Cybersex
Foreplay is everything when it comes to online cybersex. Since it’s always going to be done remotely, you’ll need everything in your favor when it comes to getting in the mood!

One of the most beneficial things for being good at cybersex is to have a reserve of erotic dirty lines to pull out. That way, it’ll be a piece of cake to get partners to open up and bring out their seductive sides!

Whether you’re flirting with girls on cam or just having a random sex chat, anyone in a horny mood will appreciate a creative, dirty mind. As long as it doesn’t get too kinky, of course! Each side of a conversation needs to feel completely comfortable, or else it won’t click between the two of you.

The key is to be as descriptive as possible. Make someone able to visualize what you’re saying by dirty talking in a way that partners can practically feel it – if that makes any sense.

Stray away from anything too lovey-dovey, and keep it aimed towards low-commitment. After all, neither of you are hooking up with the intentions of finding a life partner, right? So any comments should be focused on direct feelings in the moment. Don’t think ahead, focus on the pleasure you’re feeling right now!

Which brings us to our first dirty talk line:

1. “If I was there, you’d be feeling so much pleasure.”

feeling pleasure
Start off by saying something broad, then slowly narrow the specifics down.

You want to draw out the pleasure and immerse your partner in sensual thoughts. Like we said earlier, this is a great way to focus on the moment. It might even get them thinking about what they might want you to be doing to them sexually!

2. “The thought of seeing you naked is driving me crazy.”

driving me crazy
Once you’ve progressed the conversation some, try telling a partner exactly what you’re thinking.

A great way to do this without sounding too pushy is to hint at how amazing they must look naked. Being honest with your sexual desires can quickly turn casual foreplay into that juicy cybersex we all crave!

3. “You’ve been running through my mind all day.”

running through mind
Dirty talk like this can be a pleasant surprise for your partner.

To hear that someone has been craving you all day is one of the best sexy compliments you can give! Especially when someone is supposed to be focusing on other tasks such as work, or dare I say it… a husband/wife.

4. “What turns you on? I’ll do anything you want baby.”

anything you want
Open up to your partner and let them know that you’re there to make them feel amazing.

It also may be a good idea to convey that it’s totally judgment-free talking with you. That way they’ll feel comfortable admitting any kinky fetishes that you guys can potentially act upon.

5. “Can you tell how horny you’re making me?”

horny making me
Believe it or not, this is a much better way of hinting at being aroused instead of just flat out saying, “I’m horny.”

While it may be what you’re thinking and feeling, too much simplicity can be dull. They may have heard that line in a dozen other sex chats in the past. Try and spice up your vocabulary to draw out emotions, and remember to engage people by helping them visualize what you’re saying!

Bonus! “Your moans sound so sexy.”

moans sound sexy
Once you’ve used any of the previous dirty phrases we’ve mentioned, you’re bound to build up some sexual tension. Try using this bonus line to get closer to that tipping point where you both finally climax!

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