5 Cybersex Emojis to Convey an Orgasm 💦

By December 10, 2017 Adult Entertainment

5 Cybersex Emojis to Convey an Orgasm
Imagine flirting back and forth with a partner over text messaging until you both become mutually interested in taking it further. Things progress into sexting where you’re sending emojis to express horniness, and eventually the ‘ending’ of the sex chat creeps up.

Getting the point across that you’re about to orgasm can often be a little too direct. In fact, it’s actually pretty cringey to say “I’m climaxing” while on the edge and in the zone.

So here are 5 emojis that’ll clearly convey an orgasm during cybersex!

1. Money Shot 💦

Money Shot
As the most common orgasm emoji, we have the Money Shot 💦. Typically, this is the go-to symbol for guys to let their lady-friends know all that sensual buildup is about to pay off, but without conveying too much explicit info.

“Any second I’m going to blow! 💦”

2. The ‘O’ Face 😩

The O Face
Think about an erotic sex chat you’ve had and the way it made you feel.

After all the sexting back and forth, it inevitably leads to a satisfying orgasm at the peak of lust. In that moment, there’s only one emoji which can portray the mixture of emotions and that’s The ‘O’ Face 😩.

“Talking with you has me on the edge of euphoria. 😩”

3. The Big Bang 💥

Big Bang
When you need to convey a powerful climax, use The Big Bang 💥 emoji.

Save it for the perfect cybersex occasion because it’s the best way to describe the most satisfying of endings!

“My entire day has led up to this intense moment. Oh… my… god… 💥”

4. Quivergasm 😖

Since there isn’t actually anything close enough to symbolize legs shaking, ladies can feel free to bust out the Quivergasm 😖 as their own universal orgasm emoji. After all, it’s the exact face chick’s make when they’re at the peak of climax!

“Babe, you’re making me c-c-climax! 😖”

5. Dizzy Nut 😵

Dizzy Nut
Try out the Dizzy Nut 😵 for a playful way to imply that the aftermath of an orgasm is tiring. Additionally, it also has the potential to explain that the room is practically spinning from the sensual experience you just had!

“Whoa, that was so hot! Now I’m exhausted. 😵”

Remember that these emojis are reserved for only the most intimate cybersex situations. Simply looking to flirt? Check out our article on 15 Flirty Emojis to Use While Sexting!

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