Live Webcam Sex: 3 Reasons to Try It over Adult Videos

Live Webcam Sex: 3 Reasons to Try It over Adult Videos
Let’s be honest: watching sex videos gets old.

Sure, there’s what seems like an infinite number of kinks to choose from, but eventually, that same tired feeling of sexual boredom comes creeping back.

Want to know why that is? Simply watching requires no participation on your part.

They’re missing a sense of interaction and realism that makes you feel involved. It’s no mystery that pretty much everyone would prefer to have real-life sex instead of watching adult videos all day!

However, there is a solution to this lacking sense of interaction.
(and we’re not about to just tell you to go get a girlfriend.)

The answer? Live sex cams! We’re talking about adult chat rooms where you’re on webcam with a partner and they’re ready to fulfill all your sexual fantasies!

Sounds pretty sweet, huh?
(Oh, it is).

Here are 3 reasons why live cams are a popular and exciting alternative to sex videos:

Reason #1: Participation

sex cams
The number one biggest difference is the Participation.

When it comes to videos, all you’re doing is watching and probably fantasizing.

Live sex cams have these same perks, but with the added benefit of letting you interact with a broadcaster of your choosing. This simple difference goes a long way in creating a real sense of satisfaction!

This is due to 2 reasons:

  1. It adds you into the picture.
    It’s much more fulfilling when you’re actually involved in the action.
  2. It creates a feeling of emotional investment.
    You get to share a moment together with your partner on cam.

With sex videos, you as a viewer are only spectating from behind a screen. The video will work with or without you, and the problem is that there’s absolutely no attachment.

With live cams, the very reason a broadcaster may be online is to interact with viewers. You’re a necessary ingredient because, without you, there’d be no reason for a sex show at all!

Your presence has a lot of influence, and the broadcaster on webcam knows it.
(How’s that for a power trip?)

Reason #2: Communities

sex videos
The next big reason why you should choose live cams over sex videos are the Communities.

With cam sites, you get to enter private chat rooms and talk exclusively with a partner on video!

In fact, most sites allow you to choose whether you want to get on cam yourself or not, which is amazing because it adds extra emotional depth to your live sex chat session. However, if you prefer to stay anonymous, being able to leave your webcam off and still talk to a broadcaster over text is a huge plus.

When watching sex videos, there’s simply no need for a chat room because they’re pre-recorded. To give them some credit, videos usually have a comments section below, but the chances of having a meaningful conversation down there are slim to none.

On many live sex cam sites, you can also enter public video chat rooms that have a community of viewers with a broadcaster on webcam. These public rooms build up groups of regular viewers, and it’s a blast to meet people and get involved in them!

If you like what you’ve read so far, but still need a tad more convincing to try out live cams, then this last reason should be a home run…

Reason #3: Private Sex Shows

live sex videos
If you want to get the most out of live cams, then you have to experience the thrill of a private sex show. We probably won’t need to convince you to try this because it’s easily the best part of any adult cam site.

What you have to do to earn a private show will depend on who’s cam you’re watching, but usually being a polite, regular viewer will merit both a show and some admiration. For in-depth instructions and a look inside the experience of a live cam session, check out this post on making moves during a sex cam show.

When you do manage to get a 1-on-1 show, the experience is so exciting that it pretty much blows any prerecorded clip straight out of the water.

Sure, sex videos may let you search for specific kinks, but in a private cam session with the right person, you get to explore your kinks with them. That’s right, you’re able to roleplay with partners, and almost any sex fantasy can literally be fulfilled live on cam!

Sounds pretty sweet if you ask me.
(and it is!)

Additionally, over time you build intimate relationships with the broadcasters you frequently talk to, which will most likely lead to more sexual exploration and fun. A win-win that sex videos simply cannot offer!

You don’t have to choose only one!

live sex
Of course, not everyone may be ready to make the leap into the world of sex cams. It can be a little intimidating having to participate to get the most out of the experience.

If you’re still feeling hesitant or you still prefer good ol’ fashion adult videos, that’s okay because they definitely still have their appeal!

They allow you to:

  1. Watch professional, polished media with adult actors/actresses
  2. Search and explore specific kinks
  3. Just spectate with no participation necessary
  4. Easily go from clip-to-clip with no investment

In fact, a bit of fantasizing with some HD Sex Videos can go a long way while just watching.

Did you know that most people who watch sex cams are fans of both and still browse adult videos regularly?

If that sounds like you, then we have some good news below:

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