3 Hot Girls That Do Sexy ASMR on YouTube

By December 5, 2017 Social Media

Lots of babes got popular online in 2017, and YouTube’s ASMR community is a genre that many girls gravitated towards to build booming channels of their own.

A few examples include soft female voices, mouth sounds, and ear massages. However, the most well-received type is ‘sexy’ ASMR.

And with it came a plethora of hot babes since the erotic fantasizing viewers put on the videos is a highly attractive concept! Additionally, it should be noted that many videos are family-friendly, but there’s still content out there that’s fairly adult-oriented.

After researching many enticing creators, we’ve picked out a couple to share.

So, here are 3 hot girls that do sexy ASMR on YouTube!

1. Pokimane!

Poki ASMR is run by Pokimane, a ‘League of Legends’ streamer on Twitch.tv. Originally, this hot girl was an avid listener of ASMR, which inspired the creation of her own channel.

Aside from Poki’s sexiness, her greatest asset is knowing exactly what consumers want out of their ASMR experience. She explains this in one of the earliest and most popular videos on her channel:

The success of ‘Poki ASMR’ can be attributed to her consistent uploads, pretty face and wonderfully thick curves that give viewers some amazing thoughts to fantasize about! Currently, Poki is looking into the possibility of creating more roleplay ASMR eventually. That sounds like something to look forward to!

Check out Poki ASMR here

2. Frivolous Fox

Frivolous Fox
The next hot girl on our list is Frivolous Fox, who’s known for her intimate mouth sounds! She’s another babe that started as a streamer in Twitch.tv’s IRL section.

However, it wasn’t until a remarkable ‘Ear Eating’ video that made her a viral star:

Thanks to a couple more high definition, niche ASMR videos, she’s been able to create a thriving YouTube channel! Although her uploads aren’t directly explicit, many listeners find her roleplays to be sexy. With expert mouth-play, Frivolous Fox’s soothing videos are relaxing, to say the least.

Check out FrivolousFox here

3. KittyKlaw

Putting a creative twist on sexy ASMR, KittyKlaw is the cherry on top of our hot YouTuber list. She appeals to both classic listeners and viewers with more pervy interests.

Initially, this babe gained fame with a naked heartbeat video:

KittyKlaw puts a creative, yet sexy twist on her ASMR. In fact, during the video above, she constantly gazes into the camera, practically teasing you in a towel. Sounds pretty hot if you ask me!

Although content is only uploaded to her channel weekly, KittyKlaw never disappoints with new ideas that all her subscribers love and crave. Additionally, she never forgets to include the ASMR basics in every video.

A few of these are:

  • Soft sounds
  • Tapping
  • Roleplaying
  • and much more!

Like the babes above, KittyKlaw has also talked about streaming in the future. That way, she could provide viewers with the opportunity to interact with her persona live!

Check out KittyKlaw here

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