3 Babes That Got Popular Online in 2017

By December 13, 2017 Social Media

3 Babes That Got Popular Online in 2017
Here at Tempocams, we love keeping keep up-to-date with all the babes that are trending. Every year there’s a handful on the more attractive side that make it big in online popularity.

So we’ve picked out 3 hot girls who really blew up in 2017 that you may not have heard of!

#1. Alexis Ren

Alexis Ren
With an infectious smile, Alexis Ren has amassed a huge online following through Instagram. If this babe looks familiar, it’s because of her vast number of sexy selfies shared all over social media.

Back in 2015, Alexis started an Instagram to show off her amateur modeling, which garnered a decent amount of attention online.

In January 2017, her popularity quickly began to trend up with the anticipated release of The Chainsmokers ‘Paris’:

The music video and her stunning beauty played a pivotal part in showing millions Miss Ren’s sweet personality. In fact, it actually propelled her into mainstream levels of fame!

Currently, this hot babe sits at 11 million Instagram followers. She has also created a YouTube channel that’s growing rapidly. Even with infrequent uploads, the channel still has a few entertaining and informative videos with FAQs and vlogs about her life.

#2. Zoie Burgher

Zoie Burgher
Zoie Burgher was once known as the undisputed twerk queen of Twitch.tv!

But over the course of 2017, this hot girl transferred her following to YouTube by making gaming content and vlogs. Leveraging a shred of success, she became one of the sexiest and most popular babes on the platform.

Unfortunately, you don’t get popular that quickly without garnering some negative attention along the way. Zoie Burgher was a hot drama topic in many other YouTubers videos during 2017!

Possibly the biggest content creator on the platform, Pewdiepie, contributed to this drama as well. He reacted to a ‘Smash or Pass’ collab that Zoie and Celestia Vega did:

This video is commonly referenced among online communities as being a key point to her success. Through all the controversy, Zoie stood strong with an increasing subscriber count every month!

#3. Pink Sparkles

Pink Sparkles
Pink Sparkles is one of the most popular cam girls on Twitch.tv that got big during the 2017 year.

Her stream draws the attention of thousands horny gamers every time she goes live! Originally, she wore modest outfits in the first few years of broadcasting, keeping the hot babe inside hidden to the public.

Deciding to let her real personality shine, Sparkles took a more provocative route with live streams during the year. She frequently posted selfies on social media throughout 2017, which contributed to the rise in popularity.

sexy sparkles
With an online personality almost as big as her chest, Pink Sparkles couldn’t help but play too close to the edge during a few broadcasts. The most notable incident is when she got temporarily banned for a hot nip slip in front of thousands of live viewers!

Nonetheless, that curvy, hourglass body our favorite streamer babe flaunts, in addition to a consistent schedule of sexy streaming has made her into one of 2017’s hottest online stars!

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