15 Flirty Emojis to Use While Sexting 💕

By November 25, 2017 Social Media

15 Flirty Emojis to Use While Sexting
Emojis have never been more trendy than they are now. They’re a quick way to be cute and funny without saying words, which has its advantages when it comes to flirting.

When you’re sexting you’ve already got your hands full. 😏

So here’s 15 flirty emojis that you can use at your convenience!

1. Hot Emoji 🔥

Hot Emoji
The Fire Emoji 🔥 is often used during sexting to compliment your partner’s attractiveness or even suggest that you’re burning up!

“That bikini is lookin’ so 🔥 on you girl.”

2. Heart Eyes 😍

Heart Eyes
After experiencing anything that overwhelms you with affection, that’s when you use Heart-Shaped Eyes 😍. It can be something your partner said, but usually, this means you just received a sexy picture or video that you’re unable to look away from!

“I’m in love with that twerking clip. 😍”

3. Eggplant Love 🍆

Eggplant Love
If you’re a guy, use the Eggplant 🍆 emoji to express feeling ‘especially’ turned on. Alternatively, ladies can send this one when they want really want ‘it’!

“Is your name Webster because you’ve got a thick dick-tionary. 🍆”

4. Double-Hearts 💕

Double Hearts
(For the girly-girls!)

Ladies can use Double-Hearts 💕 to express their flirty feelings in a more feminine style.

“Omg, totally diggin’ those washboard abs! 💕”

5. Smirking 😏

The Smirking Face 😏 is the mascot of suggestive emojis. If you want to send a sensual hint, use this bad boy! Everyone knows what kind of flirty-business is going down when they get one of these in a text.

“What are you doing later tonight? 😏”

6. Begging 🙏

Begging Emoji
As a substitution for just texting the word, ‘Please’, try using the Begging 🙏 emoji! It’s great to use as a way to ask for hot selfies or to playfully attempt taking the ‘next step’ in a sext.

“Turn around so I can see the rest of you. 🙏”

7. Hugs! 🤗

Girls usually send a Hug Emoji 🤗 to show that they want to get physically intimate with a guy without seeming promiscuous.

“I’d really love a bear hug right about now. 🤗”

8. Kissy Face 😘

Kissy Face
As a gender-neutral emoji, the Kissy Face 😘 can be used by dudes without feeling a feminine stigma. Therefore, it’s a great way for men to start a steamy sext off in a light-hearted way.

“I miss you. 😘”

9. Peach Butt 🍑

Peach Butt
When she’s so thick the only way to describe it is with the Peach Butt 🍑!

“That booty is out of this world! 🍑”

10. Winky Face 😉

Winky Face
The Winky Face 😉 is a classic, sarcastic go-to that can be used in funny or flirty situations. It might even mean a sexy move is trying to be made.

“Want to go see a movie, then hang out at my place after? 😉”

11. Shifty Eyes 👀

Shifty Eyes
Shifty Eyes 👀 are the unspoken way to point out that you’re eyeballing a physical asset. A lot of the time it’s used in a sexual situation, but you don’t want to directly point it out. For example, when a girl has a nice pair of boobs and it’d be weird to bring it up.

“You seein’ what I’m seein’?… 👀”

12. Drool Over You 🤤

Drooling Emoji
Bust out a Drooling 🤤 emoji for those sexy head over heels moments that just can’t be tamed!

“I need you on my bed sheet literally right now! 🤤”

13. Splashing Emoji 💦

Looking to point out a climax? Your best bet is to use the Splashing 💦 emoji because it’s frequently used in sexting for this exact purpose!

“Are you getting close, baby? If we keep this up I might 💦!”

14. Gasp / Shocked 😲

Gasping Emoji
The Surprised Face 😲 doubles an impressed look. Sometimes people use it when they are caught off guard by how amazing something is. In the case of sexting, imagine you’re flirting with a girl and they send nudes out of nowhere. Pretty good surprise right?

“I didn’t know you had nipple piercings… HOT! 😲”

15. Kissy Lips 💋

Kissy Lips
We’ve all seen Kissy Lips 💋 before since it’s the go-to, staple emoji for girls to show their affection.

“Good night and sweet dreams! 💋”

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